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Zilele Clujului - Cluj Days

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Zilele Clujului - Cluj Days
  • Every year, near the end of May, Cluj-Napoca transforms into a city-wide celebration. Participants from every background come together to celebrate "Zilele Clujului" – or Cluj Days, event which has already become a tradition in the Heart of Transylvania. The large variety of activities in the festival’s program reflect the multiple dimensions that define our city today, including: Education, Innovation, Culture, Business, Sport. 
  • Over the last 8 years, "Zilele Clujului" has gracefully developed into one of the most cherished festivals for those who live in Cluj-Napoca, entertaining hundreds of thousands of people.
  • "Zilele Clujului" is the first major event of the calendaristic year, thus starting Cluj large festival season! (Zilele Clujului, TIFF, Jazz in the Park Festival, Electric Castle, Untold).
  • An important pillar in the cultural identity of Cluj-Napoca, not only does the festival manage to appeal to a large variety of participants, it also reflects the values of the society it is dedicated to: creative, dynamic, multicultural, but most importantly connected. The harmonious growth of this event is due to a key element – the involvement of the community.
  • As years pass, more and more citizens, NGOs, companies and institutions join the enthusiast team of the City Hall. Together, we are able to create and deliver a colourful, vibrant festival.
Zilele Clujului - Cluj DaysZilele Clujului - Cluj Days
Previous tourist attraction nearby Cluj-Napoca

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Next annual cultural event in Cluj-Napoca
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