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Zalău - Calendar of Annual Events

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Throughout the year
  • The Season Circuit – visiting some touristic attractions in Sălaj County, such as touristic objectives, craftsmen workshops, local producers, departing from the city of Zalău.

  • Zalău - Porolissum Roman Festival. Is the first festival of re-enactment, focused on ancient history organised in Romania. The Roman Festival is a time travel experience, an opportunity to learn about the history of one of the greatest empires of the world. At the festival participates historical reconstitution associations from Romania. The festival's activities include the following: gladiator fights, archaic dances, demonstrations of historical re-enactment, the parade of the historical re-enactment troops of the associations, various interactive workshops and Roman games, in which the audience participates.

  • The Zalău Days celebrates the existence of the city through cultural, educational, sport activities and music shows, during three days, at the end of July.
  • FolkFest is a festival that cultivates the taste for quality folk music, a show organised during the Zalau Days, at the amphitheatre from the Municipal Central Park.

  • Come and open the dowry chest of Sălaj! Event organized on the occasion of the World Tourism Day in order to promote the local touristic attractions, touristic offers, traditions, customs and gastronomy.
  • The “Muza Fest” Arts Festival – a series of cultural events, art exhibitions, classical and jazz concerts, film screenings, book releases
  • The Tenaris Silcotub Zalău Semi-marathon is a Runners Club urban running contest that gathers participants from around the world. Sample contests for all tastes, entertainment on the road, a rich participation kit and an unforgettable experience await you on September 29 in Zalău! The compet at the 21 km race, the 3 × 7 km race, the 7 km cross or the 3 km popular cross, and the little one bring it to the children's race!
  • The "Cânt și joc pe plai străbun" National Festival - creative workshop for children and young people, painting exhibition ”Art and Tradition”, folk costumes exhibition and folkloric gala show with the participation of representative folk ensembles in the country.
Previous tourist attraction nearby Zalău

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Next is a tourist attraction in Zalău
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