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Vulcanii noroioși

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Vulcanii Noroioși (RO) - The Muddy Volcanoes (EN)
  • Located in the central part of Sub-Carpathians Curvature across Berca and Scorţoasa villages, may be accessible from DN10 (Bucharest-Braşov), from Sătuc (20km), throught Berca scaffold or Joseni-Policiori-Beciu.                                                                                    
  • Known for over a century for their scientific importance and landscape, Muddy Volcanoes from Pâclele Mari and Pâclele Mici were declared nature monument in 1924.
  • Volcanoes from Pâclele Mari are in the central part of Berca depression at an altitude of 322m, on a dislocation line. They grow on a barren circular plateau (162 ha), being occupied by many active devices of 2-3m and fossils of 6-8m, developed on an area of 22ha. Here prevails the volcanoes that produces viscous mud with traces of oil. On the northwestern edge of the plateau are grouped the volcanoes with liquid eruptions or even boiling. Charm is completed by the complex of drainage bodies with radial character, which meet at the edge of the plateau fragmenting its slopes on torrential valleys.
  • Volcanoes from Pâclele Mici located further to north, at an altitude 345m, occupies a plateau of 62,5 ha of which 16.5 ha is covered with volcanoes, slightly reduced in height and number. In the central part, the plateau is dominated by a prominent cone, high, ended on the top with two large craters, which flows the plumb and deep black oil. On the NV side, the main cone is parasitized by small volcano apparatus, that arises, sleeps during the summer and…die. Volcanic lava dipped in azere, is tailoring a system of canyons in miniature, white, gray, reddish, "nude, naked of all life"- bad lands.
  • Visiting this reservation, you will be impressed by the roar and mineral stir earth, forming cones, ridges and deep ravines, polygonal plates of dried mud and salt efflorescence, and also various vegetation which is less installed on evil lands and more on plateau slopes.
Vulcanii Noroiosi (RO) - The Muddy Volcanoes (EN)The Muddy Volcanoes, Buzău county, Romania
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The source of the texts/images/photos: Consiliul Judetean Buzău. Copyright©Consiliul Judetean Buzău

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