Commune / Village name & location: Viscri, Braşov (BV) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Viscri (in the past/present also known as Weißkirch, Deutschweißkirch, Deutsch-Weißkirch, Fehéregyháza, Szászfejéregyház), being always a free community, is a very small village with few hundred inhabitants, from which less than two dozen are Saxons.
The Viscri village environment → Ambianţa satului Viscri
  • The old houses invite you to long walk along the peaceful streets. In a place you can buy felt shoes and hats made by hand. In another place, to the Blacksmith Workshop, you can see how iron goods are manufactured. Having a wide variety and an atypical atmosphere, the village is bordered by wild forests of oak and beech, reminding you of immemorial times.
The Fortified Saxon Church → Biserica fortificată săsească
  • The restored fortress and the church, with his air of mystery and pride, is impressive, and now it has its former magnificence. It is believed that Viscri has the most picturesque fortified church of the Saxons from Transylvania, which is now part of UNESCO World Heritage.


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