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Viile Carei

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Viile Carei (RO) - Carei’s vineyard (EN)
  • The vineyard of Carei was founded by Sándor Károlyi in year 1714. He selected about 120 hectares of land from his own, the land around his castle and his mansion. This 120 hectare plot is set in the south-south-east of the city.
  • The purpose of donating the area was to expand the city’s surface and remain the local population after Rákóczi’s Independence War. Another reason for the establishment of Sándor Károlyi’s vineyard was the transformation of the city to become more attractive, so that the Swabians already in the area, starting with 1712, could enjoy these new facilities.
  • To begin with, the count planted vine cuttings. Seeing that they had begun to give birth, he instructed the Berveni households to plant the vine cuttings because they already had experience working on the vineyards of Merk. The vineyard was brought from the county of Bihor near the town of Săcuieni, and the types of grapes were: Tokaj furmint, white grapes, wine grapes and bakator.
  • Between 1875 and 1897, an epidemic grape called Filoxera appeared in Europe, and it also came to our vineyards in Carei. For this reason, the owners planted another varieties of vines, namely direct producer hybrids. Since the late 1970s, several interspecific varieties have appeared. They are also known today as: Bianca, Cserszeg Flavored, Zala Pearl.
  • In the Carei vineyard, the direct producer hybrid was replaced with interspecific varieties. In the vineyards of Carei the lujers were very rare, so both old and new varieties were paid attention.
Struguri in Viile Carei - Grapes in Carei’s vineyardGrapes in Carei’s vineyard
Culesul de struguri in Viile Carei - Grape picking in Carei’s vineyardGrape picking in Carei’s vineyard
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