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Vestigiile rupestre din Munţii Buzăului

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Vestigiile rupestre (RO) - Hermit grottoes (EN)
  • Location: Munţii Buzăului (Buzău Mountains), Buzău (BZ) county.
  • Situated at the curve of the Carpathians, in Buzău area, between Aluniş (Colţi)- Nucu (Bozioru) and Ruginoasa (Brăeşti) - "The Romanian Athos", there is a natural and spiritual pantheon of mythical and mystical  places, where, once you are in, you feel the thrill of the first archaic ceremonies.
  • This area is the hermits’ haven in the Buzău Mountains, apparently formed on a sacred Dacian territory, where the sun and water were revered - "springs of life  and power". The place of the Dacians mystics was later taken by Christians. The Orthodox hermits thrived  in the 4th century A.D. and took over the Geto-Dacian hermitages, acquiring an important role in the contnuity of spiritual life of this space (I.  Mândricel - "Call of Submerged Bells")
  • The rupestral settlements Agaton, Fundătura, Bisericuţa lui Iosif, Chilia lui Dionisie Torcătorul, Biserica de la Aluniş speak about a distant historical past and harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. They form a unique material and spiritual specificity and their stone testifies a genuine spirit of Orthodox life, a meaning of piety and a symbol for the defense of faith.
Vestigiile rupestre din Muntii Buzaului (RO) - Hermit grottoes in the Buzău Mountains (EN)Hermit grottoes in the Buzău Mountains
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The source of the texts/images/photos: Consiliul Judetean Buzău. Copyright©Consiliul Judetean Buzău

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