Cities / towns in Romania

Few are the ones who know the most beautiful cities / towns in Romania. Whenever you talk about this country, especially when you have to make some recommendations to friends from abroad, the first destinations you think of are Sibiu and Timişoara.

But there are other cities / towns, well gifted with history, culture and traditions, that are more beautiful than you expected. If you have not planned your vacation yet, we have here many suggestions of beautiful destinations that you can visit. Whether you are looking for a cultural diversity or a gastronomy with delicacies, we have always something you can experience. Be convinced that there are places in Romania that offer you exactly what you want. Have fun!


  • Timișoara
  • Oradea
  • Sighișoara
  • Iași
  • Curtea de Argeș
Other important cities / towns in Romania
  • Alba Iulia
  • Bistriţa
  • Baia Mare
  • Blaj
  • Craiova
  • Gura Humorului
  • Piatra Neamţ
  • Târgu Jiu