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Teatrul orășenesc din Carei

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Teatrul orășenesc (RO) - The City Theatre (EN)
  • The Carei City Theater was built in 1907 under the guidance of master Bede Antal. The edifice, which had 200 seats and 26 lodges, was named after the writer Gáll Jószef (born in 1811) until 1920 when is was named the Carmen Sylva Theater. The Carei Theater had its own theater troupe, founded in 1901 by Krémer Sándor, whose repertoire included mainly operettas.
  • Currently, the theater hosts the large-scale events of the Carei Cultural Center, the North Theater of Satu Mare, as well as the artists in the tournament.
Teatrul orășenesc din Carei - The City Theater from CareiThe City Theater from Carei, Satu Mare county, Romania
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