Târgu Neamț

City name & location: Târgu Neamț, Neamț (NT) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • The Neamț toponym is first mentioned in the Russian list of Wallachian cities, i.e. Romanian, made between 1387 and 1392, where Neamț is used for a group of mountains. Subsequently, the Hungarian king Sigismund of Luxemburg used this toponym as ante castrum Nempch (before the citadel of Neamț) in a document issued on February 2, 1395, during a raid in Moldavia followed by a battle at Ghindăoani, where he was defeated by Prince Stephen I.
  • In 7 January 1403, the Neamț toponym appears in a document of the chancellery of Moldavia, where Prince Alexander the Good was mentioning boyar Pan Sandru of Neamț as a member of the voivodal council.
  • The origin of the toponym of Neamț generated various discussions and speculations that have not solved this problem. Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu (1870) believed Neamț is the same with German, therefore the Neamț name refers to the group of Germans, perhaps Teutonic or Saxon knights, who built the citadel of Neamț.
  • In 1890, the city suburbs were: Neamțu, Berăria, Boiștea, Haralambie, Pârâul Ursului, Pometea, Prundu and Țuțuieni (C.D. Gheorghiu, 1895), some with a well-defined functional development.
  • In the 20th century, the increase in surface was achieved by extending old neighborhoods and embedding the suburbian localities of Condreni, Humulești, Blebea and Băile-Oglinzi into the city, which currently belong to the administration of Tîrgu-Neamț.
  • The shape of the city’s infrastructure shows the stages of territorial development and the functional diversification. The center has evolved spontaneously to the shape of an elongated market or a merchant street. Two main axes of circulation stand out in the city plan: one from the Northeast to the Southwest, which crosses the city as part of National Road 15C, and another from the West to the East, linked to the mountain area (DN 15B) and to Bistrița Valley, or to the national road of European importance E 85, linked to Cristești. The main arteries are doubled or even tripled by parallel streets.
Târgu NeamțTârgu Neamț, Neamț county, Romania

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