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Statuia Lupa Capitolina

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Statuia Lupa Capitolina (RO) - The Statue of Lupa Capitolina (EN)
  • The statue of Lupa Capitolina from Cluj, also named the Statue of the Wolf, is a copy of the Lupa Capitolina from Rome. In 1921, the Italian state donates two replicas of the statue of the Wolf with Romulus and Remus – the mythological founders of Rome – one of them coming to Cluj. It was placed in the Unirii Square, in front of the statue of Matthias Corvinus (Ansamblul Monumental Matei Corvin).
  • After the Second Vienna Award, when Cluj came under Horthyst authority, the statue was taken to Sibiu.
  • After the Second World War the statue returned to Cluj and, at the suggestion of the professor Constantin Daicoviciu, it was placed in 1967 in front of the central building of the "Babeş-Bolyai" University, later being put back in Unirii Square in 1973.
  • In 1994 it was taken over by the National History Museum of Transylvania (Muzeul Naţional de Istorie a Transilvaniei) for restoration, at the present time being located on Eroilor Street.
  • The sculpture is made of bronze and on the pedestal there can be noticed the inscription in Latin language: "Alla Citta de Clvj, Roma madre, MCMXXI".
Statuia Lupa Capitolina - The Statue of Lupa CapitolinaThe Statue of Lupa Capitolina from Cluj-Napoca
Previous tourist attraction in Cluj-Napoca

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