Commune / Village name & location: Sfântu Gheorghe, Tulcea (TL) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Sfântu Gheorghe, unique in its own charm, is located in the Danube Delta, at the end of the branch of Sfântu Gheorghe towards the Black Sea.
  • You can understand and feel the atmosphere and uniqueness of the Sfântu Gheorghe village only by being there!
The beach → Plaja
  • The Sfântu Gheorghe beach is made up of the finest sand on an impressive stretch. The beach still preserves the charm of a virgin place, barely hit by the foot of man, which is somewhat due to the difficult access to the village.
The Sacalin-Zătoane Natural Reservation → Rezervaţia Naturală Sacalin-Zătoane
  • The Sacalin-Zătoane Natural Reservation, a paradise of about 21,000 hectares lies in the southern part of Sfântu Gheorghe village along the Black Sea coast. The area includes the complex of many lakes, gorges and beams located in the southern part of the Danube Delta and consists of young, sandy, sandy beaches that alternate with shallow or isolated lakes.
Green Village Resort (****)
  • Discover one of the most beautiful places in the world, where the Danube meets the Black Sea! We combine adventure and wildlife with relaxation and comfort, in a unique place for your vacations: the Danube Delta paradise.


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