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Serbările Transilvane

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Serbarile Transilvane - Transylvanian Celebrations
  • The "Transylvanian Celebrations" Festival is organized by the Cultural Foundation "Etnostar", in partnership with the Cluj-Napoca City Hall, the County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, subordinated to the Cluj County Council and "Babeş-Bolyai University". It aims to preserve, promote and perpetuate the culture, crafts and folk traditions of Transylvania.
  • The "Transylvanian Celebrations" Festival also aims at contributing to preservation of the culture of local minorities and creating a normal interethnic relationship in this part of the country, that of knowledge, appreciation and acceptance of the minority culture.
  • Another goal of the festival is to support the activity of folk ensembles of amateurs, children and adults, village formations and those belonging to national minorities and to promote young folk musicians.
  • Starting with the 2016 edition, the event has become an international one, being enrolled in the World Folklore Union - I.G.F., in order to facilitate and promote the international cultural collaboration between folk ensembles in Cluj County and those from European Union countries.
Transylvanian CelebrationsTransylvanian Celebrations, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Previous annual cultural event in Cluj-Napoca

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Next annual cultural event in Cluj-Napoca
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