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Satul Ianculeşti

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Satul Ianculeşti (RO) - Ianculeşti Village (EN)
  • The village of Ianculeşti, located 12 km from Carei, in the direction of Oradea, lateral to DN19, is an integral part of the city of Carei.
  • The village was founded on the Szentyanosi farm belonging to Joseph Degenfeld Count until the August 1921 agrarian reform. At first, the new inhabitants named their village, "The descendants of Avram Iancu", all of whom came from the Country of the Motits (Ţara Moţilor), but since 1931 it was officially named Ianculeşti.
  • Tourist attractions: Monument of the heroes of Ianculeşti village, fallen in the Second World War, Orthodox Church of Ianculeşti, Moţii de Câmpie Museum. Near the village there is also a very beautiful pond, with reeds, ideal for a fishing game.
Biserica Ortodoxa din Ianculeşti - The Orthodox Church of IanculeştiThe Orthodox Church of Ianculeşti
Avram Iancu's bust is in front of the church
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