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Salina Turda

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Salina Turda (RO) - Turda Salt Mine (EN)
  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~35 km.
  • Turda Salt Mine is one of the main tourist attractions of Transylvania and represents a genuine museum of salt mining and a modern leisure facility being, as well, a health treatment center. The age of salt deposits in Transylvania is around 13 million years, the salt ground from Turda being of the same range as the ones of Ocna Dej, Sic, Cojocna, Valea Florilor and Ocna Mureș.
  • It is assumed that the first stages of the salt exploitation began during the Roman times, but the first testimony regarding the extraction of it dates from the 11th century, when a document issued by the chancellory of the Hungarian kingdom recalls the establishment of a salt custom-house in Turda. Beginning with 1918, the role of Turda Salt Mine declines as a consequence of poor extraction technology and development of Ocna Dej and Ocna Mureș salt mines. In 1932, the salt mine was closed, having been used during the Second World War as an anti-aircraft shelter.
  • Between 1950 and 1992, Turda Salt Mine ran as a cheese storehouse, and after 1992 it was open for visiting.
  • Turda Salt Mine has engaged in an extensive renovation process as a result of carrying out a project that had as purpose the development of a modern recreational and treatment facility. Thus, the following were set up in the mine: a panoramic elevator, a minigolf course, two minibowling tracks, a sports ground and a 180-seat amphitheater which hosts various concerts. Also, there can be found a carousel that offers a panoramic view over the Rudolf mine. In Terezia mine, an underground lake was set up in order to provide boat tours at 112 m in the depths of the salt mountain. Ghizela mine was exclusively designed for spa and treatment services.
  • Near the main entrance there is a swimming pool which emerged due to the rehabilitation of the Durgău lakes. These contain a high level of sodium chloride as they formed on the place where some old salt mines existed.
Salina Turda - Turda Salt MineTurda Salt Mine - Terezia Bell
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