Commune / Village name & location: Roşia Montană, Alba (AB) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Roşia Montană (in the past/present also known as Verespatak, Goldbach, Rotseifen) is a very old mining village from Apuseni Mountains (Western Carpathians).
  • The rich mineral resources in gold and silver have been exploited there since the Roman Empire when its name was Alburnus Maior. In this sense, there are archaeological and metallurgical evidence of gold mining in the local museum.
  • Roşia Montană's earliest known reference is on a wax tablet from year 131 AD. 
Alburnus Maior - Roşia MontanăRoşia Montană, Alba county, Romania
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The Roşia Montană village environment → Ambianţa satului Roşia Montană
  • Roşia Montană, with its very special multi-cultural and architectural heritage, was (and will probably be) a traditional spot in the exploitation of precious metals (but also of other mineral resources).
  • Walk on all streets and alleys in Roşia Montană, especially at the upper part of the village. You will be surprised by the large number of native constructions of great value that you will find on the sidewalks. The intimate air, pretty well preserved buildings highlight a unique settlement in Romania.
Museum of Mining → Muzeul Mineritului
  • The Museum of Mining (Muzeul Mineritului Roşia Montană) is your most important tourist destination in Roşia Montană. It is structured in three sections: the Roman Galleries in the Albumus Maior mine, the outdoor exhibits and the museum building.
The 5 old churches → Cele 5 biserici vechi
The five old churches mentioned here are the testimony of the ethnic, multi-cultural and even trans-cultural diversity of the area.
  • The Greek-Catholic Church → Biserica Greco-Catolică
  • The Orthodox Church → Biserica Ortodoxă
  • The Catholic Church → Biserica Catolică
  • The Reformed Church → Biserica Reformată
  • The Unitarian Church → Biserica Unitariană
The lakes of Roşia Montană → Tăurile (lacurile) de la Roşia Montană
  • The Fir Trees Lake → Tăul Brazilor
  • The Anghel Lake → Tăul Anghel
  • The Lake of the Land → Tăul Ţarinii
  • The Goat's Lake → Tăul Ţapului
  • The Corna Lake → Tăul Cornii
  • The Great Lake → Tăul cel Mare
Other tourist attractions in Roşia Montană
  • Monument of the Romanian Heroes of First World War → Monumentul Eroilor Români din Primul Război Mondial
  • The Cetate quarry → Cariera Cetate
  • Roşia Montană Sphinx → Sfinxul Roşiei Montane
  • The Raven's Stone → Piatra Corbului
  • The Cloven Stone → Piatra Despicată


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