Commune / Village name & location: Rimetea, Alba (AB) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Rimetea (in the past/present also known as Torockó, Eisenmarkt, Eisenburg) is a former mining village known today as the location of Piatra Secuiului ("The Rock of the Szeklers"). It is said that, because that Rock, in Rimetea, the sun rises twice.
  • Considered unique in the world, Rimetea is also known as the village of white houses and green windows.  In year 1999 the village was awarded by Europa Nostra.
The Rimetea village environment → Ambianţa satului Rimetea
  • Upon your arrival, one of the first interesting things you observe is people. The actual village population has Austrian, Hungarian and German roots. They came to work at nearby mines rich in iron, gold, silver and copper and brought with them their old habits. Around year 1870, after a fire, they built the well-known whitewashed houses with green windows, beautifully maintained. Many houses in the village have been recently restored, primarily for the preservation of their unique beauty but also for the development of tourism. Walk along the alleys and feel the special architectural vibration of the place.
Ethnographic Museum → Muzeul Etnografic
  • The Ethnographic Museum was open in 1952. It has a rich collection dedicated to the history, culture and ethnography of the Rimetea village. The museum is dedicated to iron mining and iron manufacturing, as well as to objects related to mining. In this place one can see a small scale model of a furnace as well as a reconstructed fire place, which make us understand the old technologies. One can also find painted furniture, the colorful local folk costumes and embroidery.
Other tourist attractions in Rimetea
  • The Unitarian Church → Biserica unitariană
  • The Orthodox Church → Biserica Ortodoxă
  • Two private museums → Două muzee particulare
  • The Water Mill → Moara cu apă
  • The Rock of the Szeklers → Piatra Secuiului


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