Commune / Village name & location: Răşinari, Sibiu (SB) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Raşinari (in the past/present also known as Städterdorf, Resinár) is one of the oldest villages of Marginimea Sibiului, its name being mentioned as early as 1204.
  • In the past, the inhabitants used to collect resin from evergreen trees and boil it then sell the final product to paint producers. This is how the village got its name - Raşinari (resin people).
  • In year 2012, Raşinari was named one of "Romania’s Most Beautiful Villages".
The Raşinari village environment → Ambianţa satului Raşinari
  • The village where the great Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran was born is the place where, despite the passage of time for hundreds of years, the locals kept the same houses, traditions and customs. It's an authentic Romanian village, with a splendid architecture, picturesque and full of beautiful stories, with large, beautiful houses and high gates. The Raşinari people are serene, welcoming and warm, ready to open the door and welcome you to their home.
Emil Cioran Memorial House → Casa Memorială Emil Cioran
  • Emil Cioran Memorial House is located on one of the streets of the Raşinari village not far from The Church of the Holy Paraschiva and Octavian Goga Cultural House. The building is a Transylvanian house with tall exterior walls and a large garden in the courtyard. A simple marble plaque, under which there is a small bust, show tourists that there was born one of the greatest Romanian philosophers. Unfortunately, at the moment, no one can visit it because it is private property.
Octavian Goga Cultural House → Casa Culturală Octavian Goga
  • Octavian Goga was a poet, a political man and an activist for the rights of the Transylvanian Romanians. His memorial house is a place of memory, history and a place that bears the mark of the area in which he lived, but also of the family environment in which he grew up. Inside, everything reminds of Octavian Goga. The original furniture his family used is there, just like the library. Besides, one can also find a collection of magazines "Luceafărul", which bears the mark of Goga and a monograph of the Raşinari village from year 1915.
Other tourist attractions in Raşinari
  • The Holy Trinity Church → Biserica Sfanta Treime
  • The Church of the Holy Paraschiva → Biserica Cuvioasa Paraschiva
  • Muzeul Episcopal → The Bishop's Museum
  • Ethnography Museum → Muzeul de Etnografie


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