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Primaria Năsăud

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Primaria Năsăud (RO) - Năsăud Town Hall Building (EN)
  • The town hall building incorporates select Art Deco elements and is located in the midst of a 19 th century square (now a park), with many buildings styled after the classical style of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
  • The composition is rich and varied in facades using many decorative elements of Romanesque and Renaissance styles and is embossed elements with strong shadow games.
  • The building is rectangular, with one floor and a patio, all rectangular. Some of the rooms benefit from generous spaces with high ceilings up to 6 m height.
Primaria Nasaud (RO) - Nasaud Town Hall Building (EN)Năsăud Town Hall Building
Previous tourist attraction in Năsăud

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