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Parcul Cetăţuia

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Parcul Cetăţuia (RO) - Cetăţuia Park (EN)
  • Cetăţuia is the place with the most beautiful panoramic view from Cluj-Napoca and an important tourist sight. At a height of 405 m, it has the appearance of a plateau where the Habsburgs have built the first Vauban fortification in the 18th century. The fortification also served as a prison, specifically in the time of the Revolution from 1848, this also being the place where the famous pastor Stephan Ludwig Roth, who was one of the heroes of the Revolution, was imprisoned and executed.
  • A part of the walls, some buildings and two gates have been kept until present out of the fortification. A crossshaped monument (Crucea Eroilor Neamului), dedicated to the honor of national Heroes - the martyrs of the Revolution from 1848 - was erected on the hill in 1997.
Parcul Cetăţuia Park from Cluj-Napoca
Previous tourist attraction in Cluj-Napoca

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