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Palatul Comunal Buzău

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Palatul Comunal (RO) – The Communal Palace (EN)
  • Location: Buzău city, Buzău (BZ) county.
  • The Communal Palace of Buzău, is the most outstanding building of the town, erected after the blueprint of architect Alexandru Săvulescu, in the style of Italian palaces, with series of loggia and a 30m high tower.
  • On 16 December 1904 the final acceptance took place in the presence of King Carol I, Prince Ferdinand, and several other politicians, including Nicolae Iorga.
  • Nowadays, the building houses the premises of the Town Hall and the Local Council of Buzău Municipality.
Palatul Comunal Buzău (RO) – The Buzău Communal Palace (EN)The Buzău Communal Palace
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The source of the texts/images/photos: Consiliul Judetean Buzău. Copyright©Consiliul Judetean Buzău

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