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Obeliscul Carolina

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Obeliscul Carolina (RO) - The Carolina Obelisk (EN)
  • Carolina Obelisk is located in Muzeului Square and it was built in 1831 with the financial support of the prosecutor Imre Topler. It celebrates the visit of the Austrian imperial family, Francisc I and Queen Carolina, in 1817.
  • The monument has a height of 10 m, on its sides being found the bas-reliefs that represent the coat of arms of Cluj, a Latin inscription, the entry of the imperial family in Cluj and their visit to different institutions. These were made by the Viennese sculptor named Iosef Klieber.
  • There can be noticed four stone eagles with wrought iron laurels in their beaks, designed by Anton Csuros and Samuel Nagy from Cluj.
  • The initial location of the obelisk was the Main Square of the city, the present Unirii Square, the monument being found in its present location from 1898.
Obeliscul Carolina - The Carolina ObeliskThe Carolina Obelisk from Cluj-Napoca
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