Muzeul Mineritului ROSIA MONTANă

Museum name: Muzeul Mineritului

Museum location: Roşia Montană, Alba (AB) county.

Muzeul Mineritului (RO) - Museum of Mining (EN)
  • The Museum of Mining is your most important tourist destination in Roşia Montană. It is structured in three sections: the Roman Galleries in the Albumus Maior mine, the outdoor exhibits and the museum building.
  • The Roman Galleries, high or, on the contrary, very low, were made by the Romans about 2000 years ago, with chisel and hammer. The Roman Galleries of Roşia Montană are among the oldest mining holdings in Europe, where visitors are allowed access. The galleries form an entire labyrinth that can be visited only in a small part.
  • In front of the entrance to the gallery, in the outdoor exhibition, you will find mining installations, as well as archaeological discoveries. The exhibits outline the image of a Roman past that left an inestimable historical legacy.
  • The museum building has mainly photographs capturing the main activity of the area's inhabitants. Photographs exhibited there attest traditional gold production and processing techniques.

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