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Muzeul Liviu Rebreanu Năsăud

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Museum name: Muzeul Liviu Rebreanu

Museum location: Năsăud Town, Liviu Rebreanu neighborhood (known in the past as Prislop village), Bistriţa-Năsăud (BN) county.

Muzeul Liviu Rebreanu (RO) - Liviu Rebreanu Museum (EN)
  • In "Liviu Rebreanu" neighborhood of Năsăud, there are the Museum and The Memorial House dedicated to the great novelist Liviu Rebreanu (1885-1944), founder of modern Romanian novel.
  • The memorial museum is housed in a traditional house specific for the area, built in 1957 with the support of local people and the contribution of Liviu Rebreanu's wife and daughter. The building was reconstructed on the place of his former parents' house in Prislop.
  • The house exhibits objects that belonged to the writer's family, photographs and editions of the writer's work published within the country and abroad.
  • The museum also has a unique element, namely a covered amphitheater with a capacity of 60 seats, where visitors can watch films from the national "gold" film library, based on the work of the great novelist. This amphitheater is unique in terms of architecture in Romania, being the only amphitheater of its kind nationwide.
Muzeul Liviu Rebreanu (RO) - Liviu Rebreanu Museum (EN)Liviu Rebreanu Museum in Năsăud
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