Muzeul Judeţean Vaslui

Museum name: Muzeul Judeţean Vaslui

Museum location: Vaslui, Vaslui (VS) county.

Muzeul Judeţean Vaslui (RO) - County Museum of Vaslui (EN)

Vaslui Municipality is an ancient hearth of culture and civilization. The archaeological diggings have uncovered traces of habitation from the Paleolithic, from the Iron Age, the Geto-Dacian and Dacian-Roman periods until the formation of the Romanian people, all representing testimonies of continuous habitation in these places. The first record of Vaslui dates from 1423, but, as we state above, habitation in the area can be traced back to superior Palaeolithic.

Among the most important tourist attraction from a cultural and historical point of view is the County Museum of Vaslui. With a mix profile, it was established in 1974 and the official inauguration took place on the 27th of September 1975, in the presence of specialists from the universities of Iaşi and Bucharest. In 1990, the museum received the name of "Stephen the Great" County Museum of Vaslui (Muzeul Judeţean "Ştefan cel Mare" din Vaslui).

The "Ştefan cel Mare" County Museum of Vaslui performs research and gathers historical data on topics regarding Ansamblul Monumental Podul Înalt (the Monumental Ensemble Podul Înalt), which embodies the statue of Stefan cel Mare from Băcăoani village, Munteni de Jos Commune, Vaslui County (10  km south of Vaslui Municipality).

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Muzeul Judeţean Vaslui - County Museum of VasluiCounty Museum of Vaslui
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  • tel/fax 0235-311.626
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