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Muzeul Judeţean Vaslui - Istorie Medievală (RO)
County Museum of Vaslui - Medieval History (EN)

  • The Medieval History Section is on of the most prestigious sections through the high value of its patrimony.
  • The epoch of Ştefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) is extremely well illustrated through: documents, issued by the ruler, at the "Royal Courts" - Vaslui; ceramic pieces (glazed tiles, rosettes, discs, hollow tiles, terracotta pieces) and especially coins (2 silver coins without any inscription, from Alexander the Good), discovered through the archaeological diggings performed at the "Royal Courts" in Vaslui and at the "Saint John the Baptizer" Church in Vaslui (built by Stephen the Great in 1490.
Muzeul Judetean Vaslui: Sectia Istorie Medievală - The Medieval History SectionCounty Museum of Vaslui: The Medieval History Section

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