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Muzeul JudeŢean de Istorie Buzău

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Muzeul Județean de Istorie (RO) – The County History Museum (EN)
  • Museum location: Buzău city, Buzău (BZ) county.
  • In 1895, the museum was established in the gymnasium hall "Tudor Vladimirescu" (today, "B.P. Hașdeu" National College), in the form of public collections of archeological, anthropological, and historical artifacts, ethnographic objects and paintings.
  • Since 1976 it works in the current building, built between 1925 and 1937. The museum has the following sections: Archeology, History, Personalities and Arts.
  • There are over 80.000 pieces in its collections. We, hereby, remember the best copy of "The Golden Hen with Chicks" thesaurus by Paul Telge and the biggest nugget of Colti amber – 3450g.
  • You can also visit the external departments of the museum: Vergu-Mănăilă House in Buzău city, Vasile Voiculescu Memorial House from Pârscov, The Amber Museum from Colți and The outdoor sculpture camp from Măgura.
Muzeul Judetean de Istorie Buzau (RO) – The Buzau County History Museum (EN)The County History Museum - Buzău city, Buzău county, Romania
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The source of the texts/images/photos: Consiliul Judetean Buzău. Copyright©Consiliul Judetean Buzău

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