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Muzeul de Istorie din Turda

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Muzeul de Istorie din Turda (RO)
The History Museum of Turda (EN)

  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~35 km.
  • The History Museum from Turda was built in 1943, its heritage integrating approximately 30.000 items representative for all historical periods. The first exhibits date from middle Palaeolithic era (cave bear skulls, rhinoceros and mammoth teeth), continuing with Neolithic (polished stone axes, weavers), and with the Bronze era which is properly represented by domestic utensils, tools, weapons and jewelry. The collection of the Roman era is very well represented by epigraphic and sculptural monuments, as well as by architectonic elements – such as capitals, column trunks or column bases.
  • An object of interest is the large-sized painting (3/4 m), painted in 1898, by the Hungarian artist Körösfői-Kriesch Aladár, which has in its centre the figure of the reformer David Francisc. The painting (see it below) illustrates the scene of the freedom proclamation of religious cults in Transylvania within the Diet from Turda held in the Saint Mary Roman-Catholic Church (Biserica Romano-Catolică Sfânta Maria din Turda) in 1568.
  • Allocated to the salt custom-house from Turda, the building also served as temporary residence for princes of Transylvanian during their visits in the region, where the name of Royal House or Voivodal Palace comes from.
Muzeul de Istorie din Turda - The History Museum of TurdaThe History Museum of Turda, Cluj county, Romania
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