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Mănăstirea Sfântul Nicolae Popăuți Botoșani

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Mănăstirea Sfântul Nicolae Popăuți (RO)
Saint Nicholas Popăuți Monastery (EN)

  • The name of the Popăuți comes from Slavonic and translates into church people. Here was a free place, but a strategic position. The church was built in 1496 as a church of myrrh, the first founder being Stephen the Great and the Holy, as the writing in the Slavonic on the outside of the north wall, in the 40th year of reign, on September 30th. On his way to Harlau, coming from Suceava, Mr. always made a stop in Botoșani. Next to the church was the ruler's palace, where Stephen the Great was resting. On July 22, 1518, Petru Rares also stopped. The church was also called the Lord's church. The village was formed later in 1626. From a document by Constantin Voda Mavrocordat we find out that in 1733 there was still a mirror church. In 1748, Grigore Ghica strengthens the ruler of Prince Nicolae Voievod Mavrocordat, which gave the church half of the Tătăraşi estate. The other half is given by Constantin Vodă Racoviţă, along with other donations in 1751, when Saint Nicholas Church becomes monastery of monks.
  • In 1753, Constantin Racoviţă endowed it with the estate of the fair and with the shed bought from the Cantacuzino family. He still worships the monastery, the Patriarchate of Antioch, and there are Greek monks. Grigore Ghica in 1776 strengthens the old acts which, in 1783, strengthened by Alexandru Constantin Mavrocordat. In 1803, Alexandru Constantin Moruzzi voivode, establishes again the border between the fair and the monastery as it was first established in 1780. The Egumen of the monastery, Archimandrite Inochentie, leases for six years two more lands of the Popes, located in Vaslui County.
  • In 1825 the monastery was dominated by the villages of Cismeaua and Răchiţi, which in 1829, Vlădică Inochentie (the former egumen became Metropolitan in 1820), he leases them to Constantin Caragea, together with the monastery's grounds, three large ponds and vineyards. In 1830 the Monastery rents to Constantin Hariton the estates of Văratec from Basarabia. The monastery was in the height of wealth in 1840, but they were looted by the Greek monks who were always in conflict with the inhabitants of the Botoșani fair.
  • These, since 1805, complained to the ruler of the evils that made them to the Greek monks of Popautti. By the secularization of the monasteries, the Monastery becomes a mirror church in 1863. In 1868, the old Father Superior houses were given to the army, and in 1870, the Railway Company took the orchard of the monastery. The staff of the monastery is reduced in 1872 to two priests, two singers and a paracliser. The church gets to ruin and it is not until 1891 that the superior V. Pauna gets money and covers it with blackboard. The remaining staff passed in 1894 at the commune. On July 15, 1897, the ministry closed the church, and on May 12th the same year, it fell to the top of the catapetamus.
  • Also in 1897 it is declared a historical monument and in 1899 the state begins its restoration outside. In 1901 the parish priest Grigore Deliu intervenes for the return of the Egumen houses, but he is not successful. The restoration of the church outside is finished in 1906. In 1908 the bell-tower is rebuilt and repaired. In 1991 the monastery was re-established, but it was not until 1996.
Mănăstirea Sfântul Nicolae Popăuți Botoșani - Saint Nicholas Popăuți Monastery in BotoșaniSaint Nicholas Popăuți Monastery in Botoșani, Botoșani county, Romania
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