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Lacul Tarniţa

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Lacul Tarniţa (RO) - Tarniţa Lake (EN)
  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~31 km.
  • Tarniţa Lake is a barrier lake located on Someșul Cald River. It covers a surface of over 200 hectares and the existing dam is made of concrete, built in an arch form, with a height of 97 m and a ridge with a length of 232 m, while its main purpose is to generate electricity.
  • The lake is the main source of water supply for the hydroelectric preservation plant from Gilău that provides potable and industrial water in Cluj-Napoca and other localities in Cluj County.
  • Periodically, sport associations organize here various swimming or angling competitions.
Lacul Tarniţa - Tarniţa LakeTarniţa Lake, Cluj county, Romania
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In adierea vântului pe lacul Tarniţa - In the wind on lake Tarniţa"In the wind" on lake Tarniţa
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