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Lacul Drăgan

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Lacul Drăgan (RO) - Drăgan Lake (EN)
  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~97 km.
  • The Drăgan Lake is located at the confluence of the Drăgan river with Sebeşel river. The dam has a height of 120 m and a ridge measuring 442 m, this being the largest one in Romania. This lake exerts multiple functions: electricity production, adjustment of Crișul Repede River, flood mitigation and water supply of the city of Oradea.
  • It is also supplied by the flow of 8 secondary dams built on the valleys of the adjacent slopes and ensures the required flow for the Remeți hydroelectric power plant, located in Iadului Valley.
  • The area has a picturesque view, offering board and lodging accommodation facilities and favouring off-road and mountain-bike sport activities as well.
Lacul Drăgan - Drăgan LakeDrăgan Lake, Cluj county, Romania
Previous tourist attraction nearby Cluj-Napoca

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Next tourist attraction nearby Cluj-Napoca
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