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Gradina Botanică Vasile Fati din Jibou

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Gradina Botanică Vasile Fati din Jibou (RO)
Botanical Garden Vasile Fati from Jibou (EN)

  • Founded in 1968 at the initiative of the exceptional professor Vasile Fati, the Botanical Garden Vasile Fati from Jibou stretches on 25 ha, situated in the Wesselényi ensemble, along with the Wesselényi castle, that was erected in the early 1800’s, in baroque style.
  • There are more than 20 sectors to visit. The big and the small dome, named "Palmarul" and "Acvariul", are home to important species of palm trees and lotuses from the equatorial zone. In other greenhouses you will discover species of orchid and cacti, and even artificial waterfalls with pools, populated by fish.
  • After exiting the greenhouses, you can visit the Japanese Gardens – with lakes, stones, bamboos and water lilies. The garden also has a zoo sector, which houses over 10 deer, wild boars, various bird species.
  • Program for Summer (1st of April - 30th of September): every day 08:00-19:00; Greenhouses and aquariums 08:00-16:30.
  • Program for Winter (1st of October - 31st of March): every day 08:00-17:00; Greenhouses and aquariums 08:00-18:30.
  • Price: Adults - 10 lei/person; Pupils, Students, Retired people - 5 lei/person; Children under 7 - free; People with disabilities (with the certificate) – free.
Gradina Botanica Vasile Fati JibouBotanical Garden Vasile Fati from Jibou, Transylvania, Romania
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