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Fundaţia Ștefan Luchian

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Fundaţia Ștefan Luchian (RO) - Ștefan Luchian Foundation (EN)
  • One of the most important and proposed objectives (objective stated in the Foundation's statute) was the rescue of the monument from 1800, built in Moldavian style, having a beautiful brâncovenesc porch - Ceomac Cantemir House, which is our grandparents' home. This was done through the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Botoşani City Hall, the Inspectorate for Culture, the Financial Department, the Botoşani Garrison, the Gendarmerie of the Botoşani Economic Societies, the "Nicolae Iorga" Pedagogical High School in Botoşani, the Ștefan Luchian Foundation (President, Prof. Aglaia Corneanu).
  • Casa Ceomac Cantemir consists of four rooms in Moldavian style: the salon, the workshop, the art gallery and the headquarters of the Ștefan Luchian Foundation. Ștefan Luchian's workshop can see objects belonging to the painter Ştefan Luchian, from his last home: the bed of suffering, the bedside table, the field sail, a work executed under the eyes of the painter, by Traian Cornescu, when he could no longer work, work table, pallet, map, plaque, two color boxes, a blade of a bone, a blade port, a spatula, paintbrushes and colors, two original photos, a suitcase, a page in Ștefan Luchian's diary, Laurea Cocea, the painter's niece. In the workshop there are also 19th century objects. In the creation workshop, the young people perform icons on wood, specific to the 18th century. On Easter, each young man runs an icon for him with the Foundation's materials, with expert guidance from Professor Liviu Marfievici and Professor Aglaia Corneanu. There are also two sections: the popular and popular inspirational fabric.
Fundaţia Ștefan Luchian - Ștefan Luchian FoundationȘtefan Luchian Foundation in Botoșani, Botoșani county, Romania
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