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Drumeții în Zărneşti

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Drumeții (RO) – Hiking (EN)
  • Of the 42 hiking trails, most of them have their starting point from Zărneşti town, which is the most important city for access to the north side of the massif.
  • From the southwestern part of the city starts the forest road that runs through the Gorge, Valea Cheii, and Valea Vlăduşca, allowing access to the eastern slope of the Piatra Craiului massif.
The most popular hiking routes in the Piatra Craiului massif are:
  1. Zărneşti - Botorog Fountain - Zănoaga Clearing - Curmătura Chalet, marking: yellow stripe, time (hours): 2h 30- 3 hours, difficulty: medium;
  2. Zărneşti town- Zărneştilor Gorge - Curmătura Chalet, marking: blue stripe, time (hours): 3-4 hours, difficulty: medium
  3. Zărnești - Zărneştilor Gorge - "La Table", marking: red cross, time (hours): 3-4 hours, difficulty: easy
  4. Zărnești - Valea Crăpături - The Crăpătura Saddle - Curmătura Chalet, marking: yellow stripe, time (hours): 2-3 hours, difficulty: difficult
  5. Zărnești - Colțul Chiliei Monastery - Diana Refuge Marking: blue band, time: 2-3 h, difficulty: medium.
For guided tours contact:
  • Rucksack Mountain Guides, address: 121, Mare St., Zărneşti, Braşov, Phone +40-745-335.025,;
  • Grind Adventure, address: 4, Tudor Vladimirescu St., Zărneşti, Braşov, Phone: +40-735-154.074,
Muntii Piatra Craiului luna Mai - Piatra Craiului Mountains in MayPiatra Craiului Mountains in May (© Florin Buzoianu)
Muntii Piatra Craiului luna August - Piatra Craiului Mountains in AugustPiatra Craiului Mountains in August (© Florin Buzoianu)
Previous tourist attraction nearby Zărnești

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Next tourist attraction nearby Zărnești
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