Commune / Village name & location: Corund, Harghita (HR) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Corund (in the past/present also known as Korond) is a village situated in the so-called "Salt Region" (Ținutul Sării), not far from Praid.
  • The large majority of the population (over 95%) are Szeklers, speaking Hungarian.
  • Corund is world famous for being a popular center of pottery and ceramics.
The Corund village environment → Ambianţa satului Corund
  • Corund is one of the centers of popular pottery in Transylvania.
  • The local economy is based on activities in the field of pottery, the manufacture of ceramic products, the primary exploitation and processing of wood, the production of straw and mats, the production of woolen articles. However, services, trade in craft products, agro-tourism, but also agriculture through plant cultivation and animal husbandry also play an important role.
  • Walk around and enjoy what you see and/or what you can buy.
Other tourist attractions in Corund
  • Exhibition of handicraft products → Expoziția de produse artizanale
  • Workshops of pottery craftsmen → Atelierele meșterilor olari
  • Monument of Heroes → Monumentul Eroilor
  • Monument of Hungarians → Monumentul maghiarilor de pretutindeni
  • The Village Museum → Muzeul Satului
  • The Fortified Unitarian Church → Biserica unitariană fortificată
  • The funeral monuments in the Unitarian cemetery → Monumentele funerare din cimitirul unitarian
  • The Catholic Church → Biserica catolică
  • Geological reservation / Argonite mine → Rezervația geologică / Mina de argonit
  • The Salty spring → Izvorul sărat
  • Mineral water springs → Izvoarele de ape minerale


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