Commune / Village name & location: Comana, Giurgiu (GR) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • In the Comana village, a wonderful place located near incredible nature and heritage sight, not far from Bucharest, you find 7 old crafts that are valued by worthy and experienced people.
  • The craft village can be visited and explored actively by participating in demonstrations or craft workshops. You can also support the work of the people in the village by purchasing the products made by their craftsmen and artists. You may visit or participate in workshops.
  • The team is English speaking, highly trained and very open minded. Great souvenirs, unequaled experiences!
The Craft Village of Comana where, in a marvelous place, it is practiced:
  • woodworking,
  • blacksmithing,
  • reed processing,
  • pottery,
  • weaving,
  • traditional milling,
  • processing of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants.
The mission of this project that was supported by the Norwegian Government, is to be a focal point of synergy between people, crafts and art, realizing these through:
  • Direct Experience - The Paper Mill & The Craft Village are open for visitation on weekends, every year from April to October.
  • Education & Training - we host practical workshops with children and adults on topics related to creativity and crafts.
  • Making craftsmanship-crafted objects - designed to be interesting, relevant and useful to 21st Century buyers.


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