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Colegiul Naţional Silvania Zalău

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Colegiul Naţional Silvania (RO) - Silvania National College (EN)
  • The oldest high school in Zalău and Sălaj County has its roots in the first half of the 17th century, in 1646. During its existence, for more than three centuries, this school was an important center for culture and education in the area and has preserved this quality for the 21st century as well. Many famous personalities studied here, including: the Hungarian poet Ady Endre, the explorer-traveler and scientist Bíró Lajos, the eminent political man Iuliu Maniu - former Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Deleu – a political man, Iulian Andrei Domşa – the first mayor of the city, after the Great Union.
  • In the old library, preserved until today, we find works by Plato, Homer, Aristotle, Kalvin, Descartes and other famous authors.
Colegiul National SilvaniaSilvania National College, Zalău, Sălaj county, Romania
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