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Clădirea Transilvania Zalău

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Clădirea Transilvania (RO) - The Transylvania Building (EN)
  • The Transylvania Building is part of the Iuliu Maniu Square ensemble and, along with the buildings of the City Hall (Primăria Zalău), the Silvania National College (Colegiul National Silvania Zalău), the County Directorate for Culture, the park and the urban fittings, the Wesselényi Statue (Grupul statuar Wesselényi Zalău), the Angels Fountain (Fântâna cu îngerași Zalău), creates an expressive and personalized ensemble, particularly valuable from an urban and architectural point of view.
  • The building – a historical monument is an example of eclectic construction from the end of the 19th century, from Transylvania and it was built during several stages. During its existence the building had multiple functions: administrative (City Hall), hotel, restaurant and coffee shop, dancing hall and theater, printing house, dwellings, cinema, book store, bank, library, tourism agency, other kind of shops.
  • The ballroom from the first floor of the center aisle is the only room that kept its function. The ceiling of the ballroom and theater is also impressive. It is decorated with a secessionist mural painting of approximately 300 square meters, by size, unique in Romania.
Zalau - Cladirea TransilvaniaZalău - The Transylvania Building
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