Commune / Village name & location: Ciocăneşti, Suceava (SV) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Ciocăneşti is on the Bistriţa Valley, on the road that connects Moldova to Maramureş.
  • Ciocăneşti was named the winner of the first edition of the national cultural and tourist program "Cultural Village of Romania" 2014.
The Ciocăneşti village environment → Ambianţa satului Ciocăneşti
  • The village's name comes from the time the villagers made weapons and armor for the Moldavian armies (ciocan = hammer). The legend says that Ştefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) would have set the altar site of Putna Monastery by blowing an arrow made by the people of Ciocăneşti.
  • The native-born people kept the old look and the traditions of the place and, for this reason, Ciocăneşti was declared a village-museum. This is written at the entrance in the village, announcing the visitors that they will find here, in Ciocăneşti, authentic Romanian painted houses in a perfect architectural harmony. 
Other tourist attractions in Ciocăneşti
  • Ethnographic Museum → Muzeul Etnografic
  • National Museum of Painted Eggs → Muzeul Naţional al Ouălor Incondeiate


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