Village name: Ciocanesti (Ciocăneşti - correctly written with diacritics)

Village location: Suceava (SV) county.

Short presentation: Ciocăneşti village is on the Bistriţa Valley, on the road that connects Moldova to Maramureş. Ciocăneşti was named the winner of the first edition of the national cultural and tourist program "Cultural Village of Romania" 2014.

The Ciocăneşti village environment → Ambianţa satului Ciocăneşti
  • The village's name comes from the time the villagers made weapons and armor for the Moldavian armies (ciocan = hammer). The legend says that Ştefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) would have set the altar site of Putna Monastery by blowing an arrow made by the people of Ciocăneşti.
  • The native-born people kept the old look and the traditions of the place and, for this reason, Ciocăneşti was declared a village-museum. This is written at the entrance in the village, announcing the visitors that they will find here, in Ciocăneşti, authentic Romanian painted houses in a perfect architectural harmony. 
Other tourist attractions in Ciocăneşti
  • Ethnographic Museum → Muzeul Etnografic
  • National Museum of Painted Eggs → Muzeul Naţional al Ouălor Incondeiate


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