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Cheile Turzii

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Cheile Turzii (RO) - The Turzii Gorges (EN)
  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~36 km.
  • Turzii Gorges are located at the eastern boundary of the Apuseni Mountains, Trascăului Mountains range. The latter are bounded by the Ampoiului Valley in the South, by the hills of Cluj in the North and Gilău Massif - Great Mountain in the West.
  • Turzii Gorges were formed as a result of limestone erosion in the Jurassic period caused by the Hăşdate River. The gorges are about 2 km long and 200 m vertically expanded, with the highest walls among the Apuseni Mountains.
  • The area presents a wide variety of karstic topography with erosional caves (more than 60) on the edge of Hăşdate stream, scree, rocky corners and passings from plain paths to steep walls or from rock and scree fragments to abundant vegetation.
  • The region flora includes over 1.000 floral species, among which white gillyflower, wild thyme, piebald tulip, daisy etc. As for the fauna, there are found bats and fish species (groundling, the chub), amphibians and reptiles (bittern, crested triton, adder), birds (nightingale, woodpecker), etc.
Cheile Turzii - The Turzii GorgesThe Turzii Gorges, Cluj county, Romania
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