Commune / Village name & location: Certeze, Satu Mare (SM) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • Certeze (in the past/present also known as Avasújfalu, Neudorf) is located in an area with an important role in keeping the traditions. Arriving in this village you will be surprised by the beauty of the place, the modern houses and the clean streets where you can admire a lot of flowers standing on the side of each house. It is said and believed that Certeze is the richest village in Romania.
The Certeze village environment → Ambianţa satului Certeze
  • With an agrarian economy, Certeze has developed through its inhabitants who have gone to do business or only to work in the country or abroad, but have brought home everything they have earned. This explains why here operates over 200 companies, most of them in the field of construction and interior/exterior design. Many of them have extensive works in all areas of the country.
  • The prosperity of economic life is reflected mainly in local constructions. Here you can admire houses of a size and/or beauty you cannot see elsewhere!


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