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Catedrala Episcopală Calvină

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Catedrala Episcopală Calvină (RO) - The Calvinist Episcopal Cathedral (EN)
  • In 1486, on Lupilor Street - the present Mihail Kogălniceanu Street - near the Tailors’ Bastion, the municipality provides a place to the Franciscan-Minorites Order at the request of the King Matthias Corvinus. He financially supports the construction of the monastery and delegates a famous monk and architect, specialized in Gothic style, to supervise the works. The church with the patroness of Virgin Mary and the adjacent buildings were finished in 1516.
  • The reform took over in Cluj, the Roman-Catholic monks and clergymen are chased away from the city and until 1580 the establishment remains deserted, being taken over afterwards by the Jesuits Order.
  • Starting with 1603, the majority of the Catholic edifices, particularly the Jesuits ones, are destroyed by Unitarians. In 1638, prince Gheorghe Rákóczi decides to rebuild the church according to the initial plan, for this purpose having to bring craftsmen from the area of Baltic Sea with expertise in ogival arches.
  • The church is build in nave architectural form, with a system made of Gothic star-shaped arches. The most important work of art is the pulpit dating from the 17th century. The last two princes of Transylvania, Mihail Apafi I and Mihail Apafi II, together with their spouses, are buried inside this cathedral.
Catedrala Episcopala Calvina - The Calvinist Episcopal CathedralThe Calvinist Episcopal Cathedral from Cluj-Napoca
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