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Castrul Roman Potaissa

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Castrul Roman Potaissa (RO) - Potaissa Roman Camp (EN)
  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~32 km.
  • The camp was built by the 5th Roman legion Macedonica, at Potaissa, near Turda municipality, in order to consolidate the North-Western defensive of Roman Dacia. The legion built on "Dealul Cetăţii" plateau the largest camp with longstanding functioning from this Roman province.
  • This had a rectangular shape, with sides of approximately 400-500 m, occupying a surface of over 20 ha and housing approximately 5.000 soldiers. The defence walls were around 2 m broad and made of mortar and stone, a water ditch of 12 m width being found in front of them . The most important building from the camp was that of the head office.
  • In 274, the 5th legion Macedonica, together with the other Roman troops, retreated from Dacia. Many ancient objects have been discovered within the camp (architectonic pieces, sculptures, mosaics, stone inscriptions, coins etc.), and the tomb of a Gepid princess as well.
Castrul Roman Potaissa - Potaissa Roman CampPotaissa Roman Camp, Cluj county, Romania
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