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Castelul Bánffy din Răscruci

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Castelul Bánffy din Răscruci (RO) - The Bánffy Castle from Răscruci (EN)
  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~24 km.
  • The locality of Răscruci was the property of the Bánffy family and a part of the estate from Bonţida (Castelul Bánffy din Bonţida). The castle was built in neoclassical eclectic style and was surrounded by a widespread park, being also the summer residence of the Bánffy family. The access to the pavilion built by the count Dionisie Bánffy is made by two staircases from the Southern part which lead to a terrace supported by eight Doric columns.
  • After the events from 1848, the property is damaged, Ádám Bánffy being the one who rebuilds it, taking care of the interior design as well. The saloon, built in Renaissance style, has the walls covered in wood and a wood coffered ceiling. Above one door the Latin inscription “Salus intratibus pax exeuntibus” (“Health to those who come in, peace to those who leave”) is engraved. The access to the floor is made through a staircase with a massive wooden balustrade and the entire Bánffy estate can be seen from the balcony of the castle.
  • At the present time, the castle is under the administration of the Cluj County Council and can be visited upon request.
  • Castelul Bánffy din Răscruci - The Bánffy Castle from RăscruciThe Bánffy Castle from Răscruci, Cluj county, Romania
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