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Castelul Bánffy din Bonţida

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Castelul Bánffy din Bonţida (RO) - The Bánffy Castle from Bonţida (EN)
  • Shortest distance from Cluj-Napoca: ~30 km.
  • The Bánffy Castle from Bonţida is one of the representative architectural monuments of the Transylvanian Baroque era, its rich elements of this specific architectural style gave also the name of The Versailles of Transylvania. It was built by the Bánffy family in Bonţida, a settlement located at approximately 30 km East from Cluj-Napoca.
  • In 1387, King Sigismund of Luxembourg donated the estate of Bonţida to the Bánffy family, its members initially building here a manor house. In the 17th century, Dénes Bánffy strengthened the manor house by building a rectangular fortified ensemble with circular bastions positioned in the four corners. A tall gatehouse was built at the castle’s eastern side, and a garden was created in the southern part.
  • The castle reconstruction was initiated by Dénes Bánffy VI, beginning with 1747, in Austrian Baroque style. During his time as owner, the ensemble was enlarged with a U-shaped Cour d’Honneur, and a French garden with alleys lined by lime trees was created.
  • In the time of József Bánffy, a descendent of the family, the Renaissance and Baroque courtyards were united by demolishing the old gatehouse, the western façade of the ensemble was redesigned in Neo-gothic, Romantic style, and the garden was redesigned into an English park with winding alleys, statues and urns.
  • In 1944 the castle was used as a military hospital, being severely damaged by arson and vandalized by the retreating German troops. After 1950 the castle became the head office of the Agricultural and Production Association of Bonțida.
  • Nowadays the castle is under the administration of the Transylvania Trust Foundation, the main purpose of which is to restore and promote the heritage of the estate in Bonţida, by organising a number of educational, cultural and artistic activities that attract a great number of visitors.
  • In July, for 5 straight day, a unique, mind-blowing experience, happening each year on the spectacular grounds of Bánffy Castle is Electric Castle Festival.
Castelul Bánffy - Bánffy CastleBánffy Castle from Bonţida, Cluj county, Romania
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