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Casa-muzeu RADIO NOSTALGIA Brusturi

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Casa-muzeu Radio Nostalgia Brusturi (RO)
House-Museum Radio Nostalgia Brusturi (EN)

House-museum location: Brusturi village, Creaca commune, Sălaj County, on the 108A county road between the Romanasi and Creaca villages, following the thread of Agrij Valley, GPS coordinates - 47*10' 36" N, 23*13' 31" E.

Radio Nostalgia Brusturi

The House-Museum RADIO NOSTALGIA Brusturi was founded in December 2010 following the interest in collecting, studying, preserving and preserving the national radiotechnical patrimony, the radio amateur movement in our country in order to highlight the existing collections for the visitor. The museum's site provides visitors interested in studying and documenting a huge archive fund since 1900.

The museum has the following sections:
  • Morse Manipulators;
  • Radio publications (textbooks, magazines, brochures, publications, periodicals, technical books, catalogs);
  • Measuring and control devices (analog and digital);
  • Vintage radio equipment.

For the purpose of scientific valorisation of the patrimony elements, at the museum site, studies and researches on the history of the radio are also carried out, acting for the theoretical and practical application of the own researches, as well as of the other institutions with which they cooperate.

Several projects are currently being developed at the level of the museum location, some of them in the medium and long term aiming at expanding as space and equipment, database computerization, research, development and preservation of the radio patrimony elements.

Up to now, the museum has received more than 1,500 visitors from the country and abroad, and the site has been visited by over 258,000 Internet users.


Aparate în Casa-muzeu Radio Nostalgia Brusturi - Appliances in House-Museum Radio Nostalgia BrusturiAppliances in the House-Museum Radio Nostalgia Brusturi, Sălaj couny, Romania
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