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Casa memorială Nicolae Iorga

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Casa memorială Nicolae Iorga (RO) - Nicolae Iorga’s memorial house (EN)
  • On Nicolae Iorga Street, at no. 14, about 100 m from Mihai Eminescu Boulevard and 1 km from the entrance to Botoşani city, coming from Iasi, there is the house where the Iorga family lived between 1876 - 1880. Of the ten houses exchanged by the family of the historian the period of his childhood and adolescence, is the only building that has been preserved since the 19th century and was attributed to Nicolae Iorga by the Botoşani even in the interwar period, although the Iorga family lived here as tenants.
  • The Nicolae Iorga Memorial House is the place where a large number of pieces of patrimonial value, related to the personality of the illustrious historian Nicolae Iorga, are preserved. The original photographs of his family, of Nicolae Iorga at various moments of his life, Honoris Causa received from famous educational institutions in Europe (Sorbonne, Cambridge, Rome) and a large number of books written by Nicolae Iorga, many princeps editions, as well as newspapers and magazines that he edited and guided outlines the size The two rooms occupied by Zulnia Iorga and his two children, Nicolae and George, are presented with a reconstruction of the epoch.The other two rooms are affected by a photo exhibition - documentaries and a multifunctional hall where the first editions of Nicholas' work are exhibited Iorga, the first of which houses a historical library, made up of the current book acquired in recent years.
  • The family salon renders an interior dating from the last decades of the last century, belonging to a family with a modest income, but with a prosperous past, during which a number of goods have accumulated, coming from their own agony or inherited from their families from which the parents of the historian came from.
  • In the children's room, the passion of the reading of the great son Nicholas was suggested by a bookshelf, a writing table, a candlestick with a candle. Witness of the first reading, this room also benefits from a detailed description in the autobiographical book of the great history entitled "A Man's Life as It Was".
  • The photo-documentary exhibition in the hall contains the collection of manuscripts, chronologically presented, starting with the first school documents, continuing with the high school, university studies in the country and abroad and ending with the full maturity of the scholar.
Casa memorială Nicolae Iorga - Nicolae Iorga’s memorial houseNicolae Iorga’s memorial house in Botoșani, Botoșani county, Romania
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