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Casa Memorială Ady Endre Zalău

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Casa Memorială Ady Endre (RO) - Ady Endre Memorial House (EN)
  • The memorial house of the well-known Hungarian poet Ady Endre, besides the ones in Dioşod and Lompirt (Sălaj County), is one of the most important places on the Sălaj memorial map of the great poet.
  • Ady Endre lived for a while just 400 meters away from the center of the city, on the 22nd December 1989 Street (former Crasna Street), at no.45. This is where he wrote his first poems, published in the Szilágy newspaper.
  • The memorial house is built in a neo-baroque style mixed with local elements, characteristic of small town buildings, of the social class of that era. The Ady house as it is known by the locals, was bought, in 2010, from the owner by the Hungarian community from Zalău, it was renovated, and in the autumn of 2015 it was opened to the public.
  • Another Ady Endre memorial house is in the place where the poet was born - Căuaș commune, Satu Mare county, Transylvania, România: see Casa Memorială Ady Endre.
Zalau - Casa Memoriala Ady EndreAdy Endre Memorial House - Zalău, Sălaj county, Transylvania, Romania
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