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Casa Matei Corvin

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Casa Matei Corvin (RO) - The house of Matthias Corvinus (EN)
  • The house of Matthias Corvinus House, located on 6 Matthias Corvinus Street, is the only building from the 15th century which is found in its initial form. It is a Gothic structure built by merging three houses, the ogival gate being the distinct architectonic element that classifies it in this style.
  • According to tradition, Matthias, the King of Hungary, the youngest son of Iancu de Hunedoara, was born in this house. The King Matthias Corvinus issued a decree by which this house was exempted from paying taxes to the state and which was complied with by all subsequent Hungarian kings. In the 18th century the house was included in the heritage of the city, serving as prison or military hospital.
  • After his visit in Cluj, the Emperor-King Francisc I makes a donation due to which the memorial stone is created, being as well a reminder that in this location the King Matthia was born. Starting with 20th century, the building had been added to the patrimony of the Carpathian Transylvanian Society - one of the first associations activating in tourism, balneology and ethnography sectors. After the Second World War, the house turned into a student college, the building getting back later to the University of Art and Design from Cluj.
  • In 1996, the memorial stone transcribed in Romanian and English language and dedicated to the King Matthias Corvinus was set up.
Casa Matei Corvin - The house of Matthias CorvinusThe house of Matthias Corvinus from Cluj-Napoca
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