City name & location: Buzău, Buzău (BZ) county, Romania.

Short presentation:
  • The city of Buzău, which lies near the Buzău River, is situated between the south-eastern curvature of the Carpathian Mountains and the flat level of Bărăgan Plain, being the main town of Buzău County.
  • In the Middle Ages, Buzău was a small market town. During the 17th and 18th centuries, it faced a period of repeated destruction symbolized now on the city seal by the Phoenix bird. In the 19th century, the city began to recover and, in short time, Buzău became an important railway hub in south-eastern Romania.
  • Buzău County is situated in the south-eastern part of Romania at the crossroads of the Romanian provinces: Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania.
  • As revealed by Vasile Pârvan, the well-known Romanian historian, the word Buzău originates from Thracian word "buze" to which was added the Greek-Latin suffix aioseus and in time, it became Buzeos-Buzău. This land has been inhabitated since immemorial times, the earliest evidence of habitation is dating back to the Paleolithic. As an independent administrative unit, Buzău County is certified for the first time in 1481, this way being one of the oldest territorial-administrative units of Wallachia.
  • Buzău County covers the largest part of the water basin of the river with the same name, harmoniously combining all the forms of relief: mountains in the north, plains in the south and hills in between. The natural background, the variety and the complexity of the landscape, especially in the mountains and the Sub-Carpathian area but also in the plain, adding a real historical, ethnographical, folklore treasure, offer the tourists a large range of satisfactions, really attractive for the eyes, mind and soul.
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