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Buzău - Calendar of Annual Events

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  • Târgul cucului (RO) - Cuckoo fest (EN): At its 21st edition, the well-known folkloric celebration promotes the preservation of folk traditions and customs. In April of each year, popular pop singers support concerts during this celebration that takes place in the village of Valea Muscelului, Pătârlagele.

  • Festivalul Pe Urme de Baladă (RO) - Folk festival Following the balad traces (EN): It was initiated in 1969 to capitalize the richness of the folk from northern part of Buzău County. The reason of celebration is the legend of Gheorghilaş outlaw, and at the opening of the festival, the children recite on the stage the ballad of the outlaw, the life and its bravery deeds. There is a popular dances held by students from the commune, noting the authentic folk costumes. The festival continues with a popular music concert. This event takes place on the last Sunday of May, in Gura Teghii communal.
  • Buzăul iubeşte teatrul (RO) - The Festival Buzau Loves the Theatre (EN): Buzău Theater Festival, which reached its fifteenth edition, was initiated with the aim of bringing together the established artists, giving visibility to young artists and bringing to attention the new directions in the contemporary Romanian theater. The festival grew in time, consolidating its reputation nationwide. Theater performances takes place both on the stage of "George Ciprian" Buzău Theater and on unconventional spaces. At the same time, the festival hosts the launch of reference books for the Romanian theater.

  • Buzău Fest (RO, EN): Buzău Fest is an event dedicated for promoting culture and local tourism. It is organized by Buzău County Council, both in Buzău and Sărata Monteoru Resort. In 2018, the 2nd edition takes place under the auspices of the Great Union Centenary, but also on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Buzău County. The festival hosts torches parades, presentations and military demonstrations, folk art workshops, traditional products tasting, traditional Romanian dances, folk and dance  music concerts.
  • Târgul anual Drăgaica (RO) - Drăgaica annual fair (EN): Drăgaica is known as the oldest fair in the Muntenia region, being certified in the fifteenth century. It takes place annually in June, in the southern area of Buzău, a traditional holiday dedicated to harvesting and a joyful occasion for the wealth of holdings.

  • Zilele Monteorului (RO) - Monteoru’s Days (EN): This event takes place in Sărata Monteoru Spa Resort (Stațiunea balneoclimaterică Sărata Monteoru) in July of each year. Thus, during two days are organized entertainment, parades, concerts, traditions and sports events. At the same time, the Ninth edition of Monteoru’s Days will mark 508 years since its first documentary attestation of Sărata area and 123 years since the establishment of the resort.
  • Festivalul Internaţional de Dansuri Folclorice Plaiurile Mioriţei (RO) - International Festival of Traditional Dances Plaiurile Mioriţei (EN): at its 5th edition, the festival held in Buzău in July brings together folk dance ensembles from several countries. This year, the organizers intend to invite ensembles from all over the world. During the festival, the participating artists offer a unique show of folk costumes and folk dances specific to each culture. During the event, is held the National Craftsmen Fair where the artisans are presenting traditional objects.
  • Festivalul Slănicului (RO) - Slănicului Festival (EN): It is a prestigious artistic manifestation that takes place on Meledic Plateau (Platoul Meledic). The festival is appreciated due to folk richness of these places and wants to highlight the customs and traditions of all the local communities crossed by the Slănic River. These customs have been passed on from generation to generation, and over time they have been enriched and diversified.

  • Festivalul cârnaţilor de Pleșcoi (RO) - Pleșcoi Sausage Festival (EN): Pleșcoi Sausage Festival is organized by Buzău County Council together with ANTREC and Berca City Hall. The idea of organizing this festival was born out of the desire to promote and sustain the genuine local product. Pleșcoi sausages have a special taste because they are prepared from the meat of animals grown ecologically, in clean air, on the Subcarpathian hills. Taking place in October, this gastronomic festival aims to promote tourism and the specific gastronomy of Buzău.
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The source of the texts/images/photos: Consiliul Judetean Buzău. Copyright©Consiliul Judetean Buzău

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